10 Bets Free Fonts for Designers – August 2015

You are not a designer if you don’t have good quality fonts. Inspirationguru.com brings a good collection of 10 Best Free Fonts form August 2015. 1. Bough: Hand-drawn Typeface 2. El Capitan : Hand-drawn Font 3. Free Font : Aldi 4. Not So Elegant – Free Font 5. Nervous Energy 6. Cabana / Free Font

Haus S in Germany by Behnisch Architekten

This private residence was renvisioned to embrace the surrounding woods and tranquil hillside location while offering city views of southern Stuttgart from a new upper floor.n place of a double-pitched roof, a simple yet structured, open-plan floor is realized atop the house, a building from the 1930s, which had been previously

Modern Studio based in Seoul by Studio GAON

Endless deep space is formed when you stand between two mirrors facing each other. This phenomenon is called ‘mise en abyme’, where frames repeat in a frame, producing an infinite reproduction of repeated image. – Studio GAON Location: Seoul,South Korea Architect: Studio GAON Gallery:

Framing House in Japan by Kouichi Kimura Architects

The client requested to have a space that can be used as a gallery in the house in addition to the habitable space. The request triggered creation of characteristic spaces within the building. - Kouichi Kimura Architects Location: Japan Architect: Kouichi Kimura Architects Photo Credits © Yoshihiro Asada

Lightbox by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Designed as a home and studio for a photographer and his young family, Lightbox is located on a peninsula that extends south from British Columbia across the border to Point Roberts. – Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Location: U.S.A Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Photo Credits: © Nic Lehoux Photography  

The Mill by WT Architecture

The Mill sits amongst a collection of disused farm buildings that nestle into a steep hill over looking a valley in the Scottish Borders. Although near to towns, the location is remarkably remote with open views east and west up the valley. – WT Architecture Location: U.K Architect: WT

Woody 15 in Norway by Marianne Borge

  Woody15 is a 17,5 sqm one-room cabin, with large glass doors opening up to the outside landscape. It has no kitchen, bathroom or electricity, and is only heated by a small wood-burning stove.t can function as an annexe, or stand alone with an outdoor kitchen and outside lavatory.

Northwest Harbor in NY by Bates Masi Architects

  Straddling freshwater wetlands and a tidal estuary just six feet above sea level, this house’s site demands extraordinary sensitivity to environmental concerns. Local zoning restricts the structure’s maximum coverage and proximity to wetlands areas, while Fema requirements set the first floor structure above the base flood elevation. - Bates

White Living Room Inspiration For Your Home

  If you love white and want it to be your main color in your living room, we got some tips for it.Inspirationguru.com will show you some White Living Rooms ideas for your home.   Gallery: White Living Room Inspiration for your Home  

Window Coverings Inspiration for your Room

  Your window is able to determine the way you look at the world and the way others will see you.We have some nice Window Coverings photos for your room.There are different types of window coverings to help you choose the type that will match your home, taste and

Kitchen Ideas For Small Spaces – Small Apartments

  Do you have problems with space in your apartment? Are you mad because you can’t have a kitchen like in the catalogues ? Today, stay focused on inspirationguru.com for some new ideas of how to design your dream kitchen in a small apartment. We have 4 ideas for

Bo House in Colombia by Plan B Architects

  This house is located on a nearly flat rural land and at an altitude above sea level of 2100m, which in the tropics corresponds to a cold and rainy, wet ecosystem, with strong winds but without seasons.What were areas of pastures and crops before have started to transform into residential