Bo House in Colombia by Plan B Architects

  This house is located on a nearly flat rural land and at an altitude above sea level of 2100m, which in the tropics corresponds to a cold and rainy, wet ecosystem, with strong winds but without seasons.What were areas of pastures and crops before have started to transform into residential

The MM House in Mexico by Elías Rizo Architects

  Two brothers who owned a considerable stretch of land in Tapalpa approached us with the intention of building two separate houses. As we dug into the project´s needs we realized that both of our clients had similar needs an while they didn’t mind, and in fact preferred, that

Scape House in Japan by Kouichi Kimura Architects

  The house is located in the tiered-developed residential area on a hill. From the site, the beautiful scenery of the lake can be viewed. The customer requested that the view be fully utilized and that the space be opened while not being bothered by eyes of neighborhood. –

Discovery Centre in Canada by Smith Vigeant Architects

  Located in the Mont-Tremblant National Park, the Discovery Centre offers a stunning view of Lake Monroe and its surrounding hills and mountains. The building consists of three distinct sections: an amphitheatre, a space for service facilities, and a discovery zone. – Smith Vigeant Architects   Location: Mont-Tremblant National

T-House in Salzburg by Haro Architects

  Developing a project in a privileged environment involves integrating it with it, as if it had always been there. When the topography is a prerequisite, it becomes an useful and successful partner for the project.When the topography is a prerequisite, it becomes an useful and successful partner for

Moore Park Home in Toronto by Drew Mandel Architects

  This infill house is situated in the mid-town Toronto residential neighborhood of Moore Park. It represents the first tear-down replacement on an established street that is characterized by a common model: 1920s-era single-family homes with mutual drives. – Drew Mandel Architects   Location: Toronto, CANADA Architect: Drew Mandel

Home in Atsugi by Naoya Kawabe Architect

  Having selected it of it is not built on the sloping land but bury the half isa start of this plan, and the frame. The outer shell of RC is a house, and a retaining wall.he reduction of the total cost and the use resource has been achieved

Private Family Home in UK by LA Hally Architect

  House in Hiltingbury, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire: House renovation and two storey extension.This property, nestled deep in greenery, is in an area of Hiltingbury consisting mainly of large, Arts and Crafts style, detached properties, this building however was out of scale and completely out of character with its surroundings.

5 New and Free HTML Templates – September 2014

  We bring the best new HTML Templates from September 2014.You can use them for your future web-projects as inspiration. If you have some HTML Templates and you want to share them , you can give us an e-mail : and we will be happy to add your

Siemens Building in Abu Dhabi by Sheppard Robson

  Siemens opened their new HQ Building in Abu Dhabi this week establishing a new benchmark for sustainable office buildings in the Middle East. The main building has 22,800 m2 and floats above a new public plaza.The construction was developed by Sheppard Robson and is one of the first

Montagnaro House in NYC by Mapos

  This low-maintenance, year-round luxury home, located in Ghent, NY (Upper Hudson Valley) features a variety of green building methodologies. It also addresses the client’s request for a home with connections and views to the outdoors, accommodations for a multi-generational family (four bedrooms), a flexible studio space for the

House in a Wall in Porto by Sérgio Koch

  The house sits in a street corner, flanked by stone walls which were retrieved to their original height. Intending, thereby maintaining a symbolic elements of the city, reinforced by the fact that the volumetry of the house does not exceed the height of the walls. – Sérgio Koch